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Your cards, checks, and mobile banking will continue to work as usual!
Our name change will not impact your banking experience!

Can I still use my online and mobile banking?

done Yes!

Can I still use my debit and credit cards?

done Yes!

Can I still use my checks?

done Yes!

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union was founded more than 85 years ago to serve local educators. Over the following decades, ETFCU has welcomed members from other occupational fields, both within the tristate and across the region. The credit union currently serves more than 265,000 members with 28 branches in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

On September 12, 2022, ETFCU changed its name to Liberty Federal Credit Union.

We are changing our name to better represent our entire membership. However, you can rest assured that we remain the same nationally recognized credit union focused on providing superior value for all your financial needs.
- Bill Schirmer
President and CEO



Will you continue to offer Vertical Checking?

Yes! We are changing our name, but we will remain the exact same credit union—including all the accounts, services, locations, and staff you’ve come to know and love. And that includes Vertical Checking, our popular (and free) high-interest checking account.

How will changing your name affect our schools?

This change will not affect our commitment to our schools. We remain rooted within the educational community. Our continued expansion allows us to increase our financial support of schools—both locally and in all the areas we serve.

Why did you choose Liberty as your new name?

As we continue to expand our branch footprint, it is important that our brand be inclusive of members from all professions and geographic areas. The Liberty brand offers this inclusivity. We currently operate several branch offices outside the Evansville area under the Liberty brand. We have seen a positive response from both new and existing members in those areas.

How is the credit union’s growth good for its current members?

The credit union’s growth provides the resources to continuously improve our products and services. It also allows us to provide more financial support for our schools and charitable organizations in the communities we serve.

Were you acquired by another financial institution?

No, we are still the same nationally recognized credit union you’ve come to know and trust.

Why are you changing your name?

Liberty Federal Credit Union serves an increasingly diverse and widespread membership of more than 265,000 members from all types of professions and geographic regions. We now have 28 branches across Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. We’re changing our name to better represent the larger markets we serve.

My Account


Will the name change affect my credit in any way?

Our name change will not affect your credit score in any way.

If I make loan payments using checks, will this affect those payments?

Starting September 1, you can make checks payable to Liberty Federal Credit Union. But we will continue to accept payments made to ETFCU for the coming months as well.

Will my direct deposits and automatic payments work as usual?

Yes. All direct deposits, automatic drafts, and other ACH services are transmitted using the credit union’s routing number and your account number. These numbers are not changing. Your payments will process without any change on your part.

Will I keep the same member number or account number?

Yes. Your member number and account numbers will remain the same.

Mobile & Online Banking


Will my online banking still work?

Yes. If you currently access online banking by visiting our website homepage, you will be redirected to If you have bookmarked the direct address for online banking, you will be redirected to

What if I use a bill pay service outside of the credit union’s online and mobile banking Payment Center?

If you have an outside bill pay service, we recommend that you update the information to Liberty Federal Credit Union starting September 12.

Will my scheduled transfers and Payment Center history remain available?

Yes. All your scheduled transfers, bill pay vendors, and any other previously enabled features will remain intact.

Will your web address change?

Yes. Beginning on September 12, 2022, our new web address will be However, any visits to will redirect to the new address automatically.

Will my Face ID or fingerprint/Touch ID still work?

Yes, any currently established biometric login identification will work as usual.

Will my mobile banking still work?

Yes, the app will work seamlessly as usual. On September 12, it will be renamed to Liberty FCU.

Debit, Credit, and Mobile Payments


Will my card(s) still work as part of Apple Pay and other digital wallets?

Yes. Your digital wallet will update to the new digital card art in September, and everything will work as it did previously. There will be no interruptions in service.

Will I receive a new Liberty Federal Credit Union debit or credit card to replace my current card?

All existing cards will continue to work as usual. You will receive a replacement card at the expiration date of your current card. However, should you wish to receive a new Liberty Federal Credit Union card to replace an existing ETFCU card, you can do so free of charge.

Will my current debit and credit cards still work?

Yes. There will be no interruptions in service.



Will the credit union’s routing or transit number remain the same?

Yes. The routing and transit number will remain 286377777.

Will I still be able to use my current supply of checks?

Yes, you may use your existing checks indefinitely. Beginning in September, any future check orders will include the new Liberty Federal Credit Union brand.

Shared Branching & ATM Network


Will the credit union still participate in the Alliance One ATM network?

Yes, our participation in the Alliance One ATM network will remain unchanged. You should search for Liberty FCU instead of ETFCU beginning on September 12.

Will the credit union still participate in the Shared Branching network?

Yes, our participation in the Shared Branching network will remain unchanged. You should search for Liberty FCU instead of ETFCU beginning on September 12.



Will employee email addresses remain the same?

You will be able to reach our employees at the same email addresses. Beginning in September, employee email addresses will change to the following domain: However, the current email addresses will remain functional indefinitely.

Will employee phone numbers and extensions remain the same?

Yes, you will still be able to reach the credit union, as well as its various departments and employees, at the same phone numbers and extensions as before our name change.

Will you maintain the same staff?

Yes. We are changing our name, but we remain the same credit union operated by 765+ employees dedicated to serving all your financial needs.

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